• Mis à jour le : 22 août 2018

Face avant Omnia Volt

Fonctions principales de l'OMNIA VOLT

  • Traitement de son
  • codeur stéréo
  • un AGC large bande + un AGC 6-bandes et d'un nouveau Limiter 5-bandes
  • nouvelle génération de Limiteur / Clipper final en sortie
  • Générateur stéréo numérique avec contrôle d’écrêtage
  • Entrées/sorties AES, analogique et Livewire (Axia)
  • 2 sorties composite MPX, entrée SCA et sortie 19 kHz
  • Synchronisation externe AES/EBU
  • Prise casque jack stéréo  avec contrôle de niveau
  • Ethernet RJ45 : interface web, contrôle à distance et mises à jour
  • Châssis rack 1U


  • A new generation Frank Foti-designed Clipper for stronger on-air sound.

  • Flexible Pre-Emphasis Switching. This makes it easy to fit VOLT into any existing FM airchain.

  • Dual Variable Composite Outputs to feed a main and backup transmitter.

  • Variable Pilot Level and Phase let you fine tune the signal for transmission.

  • Adjustable SCA input for additional services including RDS and specialty networks.

  • 19 kHz sync output to synchronize external generators.

  • Bass Pre-Clipper - Fully adjustable with Tightness and Girth controls. You’ll have strong, listener-pleasing bass without worrying about intermodulation distortion.

  • Adjustable BS-412 Threshold and Processing for full compliance with ITU standards.

  • BS-412 and Low Latency settings that can be turned on as needed.

  • Automatic Mono “Dry Voice” Sensing - Ideal for FM Analog Stereo stations using extreme processing: it keeps an extra hand on the clipper, to stop distortion when the L+R channel gets boosted by mono signals.

  • Low Latency FM mode - lets you fine-tune the tradeoffs between processor latency and ultra-high quality.

  • Stereo Enhancement for FM Analog, without Adding Multipath - You’ll get a wider, more exciting signal that jumps out of the radio.