• Mis à jour le : 19 août 2018
  • DVB-S and DVB-S2
    128 kSym/s…45 MSym/s single (SCPC) and multiple channel per carrier (MCPC)
  • DVB-S/S2 Tuner module 16 APSK (64 KSym/s – 45 MSym/S) (optional)
  • Professional MPEG decoder, MPEG 1/2 Layer 1, 2, 3
    optional: MPEG2/4 AAC LC, HE v1&v2 and AC3 to save 40% of satellite bandwidth
  • Decoding of up to 2 programs
  • Adjustable audio decoding delay
  • Very short, steady and highly accurate audio decoding delay
  • Balanced analog and digital AES/EBU audio output 
    (with switchable 15 kHz low-pass)
  • Output of RDS data via serial interface or IP (IRT format or private PID)
  • MPEG output via IP
  • (on request) X.21 interface
  • Remote access via web browser and SNMP
  • Perfectly suited for global remote control (relays and optical input) 
  • Enhanced backup possibilities with intelligent, automatic switching in case of failure (IceCast, Shoutcast and internal memory)
  • Audio over IP output
  • Prepared for synchronized FM transmission within FM SFN Networks